Severin Bitch

Notes of a twenty-something, queer, gender-confused, FAAB-ulous, PoC, femme bitch.

Until I came across otherkin, transethnicity, and transability, I thought I respected all identities.  I definitely can’t say that anymore.  I just think y’all are making stuff up to feel special.  Sorry, but as a person of color, I experience REAL forms of oppression.  I acknowledge I have class and able-bodied privilege, yes.  Maybe sometimes I wish I were a cat because I think my own cats are so damn precious, but just because I want to be a cat does not mean I am a cat.  I love my iTouch, but that does not mean I am an iTouch.  Sometimes I wish I wasn’t mixed race so I could fit in with one specific race or culture, but I have never pretended to be Japanese, African, Indian, or even White when I’m not.

It’s one thing to think, “Oh hey, you know, I think I was a Korean cat in a past life” because you believe in reincarnation.  It’s a whole different story to believe that that is what you actually are when you are not.  Pretending is for cosplay, but this is real life.  Get a clue.